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Satellite Systems

Have you ever felt out of touch while traveling? You have a home away from home, yet you don't know what is happening in the world because the local television reception is bad, your cellular phone is out of range and the nearest payphone is miles away.

Just because you have an RV, luxury coach, truck or boat, there is no need to let the world pass you by anymore. You can receive high-quality digital satellite television virtually everywhere that you can roam in the continental United States and US coastal waters.

Sullivan RV, your authorized King-Dome retailer, proudly sells, installs, and services both stationary and in-motion satellite systems for your RV, allowing you to enjoy crystal clear picture and sound on hundreds of available channels. You'll enjoy the convenient on-screen program guide, up-to-the minute news, weather and sports, and even local channels while away from home.

Stationary Automatic
Satellite Television Reception While Parked

  • One-button operation

  • No need for cable hookups; take the service with you wherever you go

  • DISH Network®, DIRECTV®, ExpressVU™

  • Works with any receiver

  • Works with multi-satellite services (DISH 500)

  • Wind never moves dish off target

  • Can't forget to fold down

  • Upgradeable to In-Motion tracking

In-Motion Tracking
Continuous Satellite Television Reception While Driving

  • Keeps the dish locked on the satellite while driving

  • Incredibly fast satellite acquisition

  • DISH Network®, DIRECTV®, ExpressVU™

  • Works with any receiver

  • Works with multi-satellite services (DISH 500)

  • Standard dual LNB for viewing different channels on multiple televisions

  • Continuous tracking, stays locked even when the satellite signal is temporarily blocked

  • Dual mode (stationary or tracking)